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This pack of printable crafts can encourage creativity in your child and maybe even help you get a few minutes of quiet.

Your life is busy.

You like the idea of your kids doing crafts or even maybe doing crafts with them. But there’s the reality of messes, “easy crafts” that require 10 supplies that you may or may not have, and then the headache of cleanup. And no matter how hard you try to hide it, your toddler manages to find the glitter and dump it everywhere.

This pack of 20 printable crafts can help. Print on card stock, grab some scissors and glue, and you are good to go.

Who is this pack for?

Kids ages approximately 3 - 7. Younger kids may need more help, and even older kids might still enjoy the crafts. 

There are tons of free printables online. Why purchase this pack?

1) Your time is valuable.

If you have the time to go through and find a ton of printable crafts around the web, that's great! I enjoy sometimes myself. But if you are busy and want to save yourself some time, do yourself a favor and buy this pack.

2) Quality

There are some great printable crafts out there and then there are many duds. With this pack, you can know you are purchasing a set quality crafts and activities.

What’s included in the pack?

Here’s a list of all 20 crafts:

1. Rocket papercraft

2. Door hangers

3. Wobble robot

4. Ocean playset

5. Jumping frog game

6. Robot mask


8. Treasure chest

9. Monster finger puppets

10. Puzzles

11. Pirate ship

12. Castle

13. Spy armbands

14. Foldable dinos

15. Memory game

16. Paper trucks and vehicles

17. Camera

18. Springing Spider

19. Animal Obstacle course

20. Blank templates of many of the crafts above so your kiddo can design their own.

Get ready to enjoy some simple and fun crafts with your kids.

Want to see pictures of these crafts put together? Visit

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Printable Craft Pack

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